AKAD+ CIRCULAR 7 January 2019

Dear students, staff, parents and sponsors of students

The Akad Plus Learning Centre would like to keep you all informed on the progress of rewriting the matric examin 2018 and we have to apologise for the delay in the publication of the final marks as released last week. We have been informed by the staff at SACAI, that the software programme had errors which will now be corrected manually.

The problem lies with the SBA marks and although everything seemed perfect the system failed to process the final marks,and these are all indicated as incomplete. A few other centres also have the same issue as AkadPlus and the CEO phoned me just now. Unfortunately,they will only open offices tomorrow(contradictory to their phone message)and will release the marks soon after tomorrow. We have been contacting them since last Wednesday,but we could not reach the relevant staff members. The CEO (taking office today) assured me that he will take this matter further so that they devote all their time to get our results.

We will notify all the students when the results are released,and I will drive to Pretoria to collect the statements.We have been presenting this programme for five years and never had any problems like this –again our apologies. However, we trust that the wait is positive and that all our students have improved their marks and achieved their goals.Please, know that we are eager and anxious to get your results and have been as angry but that sure does not make the process go faster.To all the staff –a hearty word of gratitude.

You are all working tirelessly to support our students and every effort you make will be recognised when the results come. Akad Plus greetings.

Dr Melanie Jacobs

Download the AKAD+ Circular Results 07 Jan 2019