AKAD+ Rewrite class of 2018


In 2018 Akad Plus Learning Centre provided the rewrite-opportunity to 18 students and they have received their results early in 2019. The Centre provides students from any type of matric (DBE, Umalusi or SACAI) to either redo a subject or even more than one subject and achieve a better grade. We also provide an option that students can register for a subject that they never had in grade 12 and with additional tuition we cover that grade 10, 11 and 12 curricula so that students then add this subject to their results. In 2017 we had 23 students who registered for Mathematics (21), Physical Sciences (21), Life Sciences (3), Afrikaans FAL (1), English HL (2) and Geography (1). In 2018 the 14 students were registered for Mathematics (14), Physical Sciences (10), Life Sciences (3), Tourism (1) and English HL (2). Four students terminated their studies during the year.

1.Results of Rewrite 2018:
The class of 2017 had phenomenal results as indicated below:

Akad Plus Rewrite Report Class of 2018

> They increased their Physical Science mark with 260 (that is an average increase of 26.0% per candidate);
> They increased their Mathematics mark with 260 (that is an average increase of 17.6% per candidate)
> They increased their Life Sciences mark with 27 (that is an average increase of 13.5% per candidate)

The four top-achievers are: Caeleb Williams, Gean Zviripi, Lerato Poole and Carlo de Sousa.

We are very proud on the achievements of these students and need to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Certainly, there are those that did not improve but all them tried their best. Good teaching and class attendance prevail, and we salute the brilliant lecturers: Mr Goosen, Mr Loock, Dr Terblans, Ms Toerien, Ms Gerber and Ms Malan.

Congratulations to all the students that improved on the initial marks, successfully enrolled for programmes and are progressing as planned.

All of our best wishes accompany these young people to make a difference in our country.